A farmer’s Christmas miracle is coming to life

A farmer in Slovakia has become the toast of the village market after his Christmas tree was transformed into a giant tractor.It took a crew of six months to create the giant tree in the village of Koziar.The tree was made from the remains of a tractor that was sold at the local market.A localRead More

How to get into the business of writing for Forbes

The business world is full of people who write for Forbes and others.We’ve seen some great stories.But a lot of these writers aren’t getting the kind of exposure they should be.One thing is for sure: They should be in business.But that’s not always easy to achieve.Here are some things you can do to make itRead More

Why is Westlake Village closed?

A small town in Victoria’s south-west is closed to the public after a goat herd was found dead on the streets.The animals were killed after crossing a busy street, according to local residents and witnesses.Westlake villagers have been devastated by the loss of a community that has been around for decades.More than 2,000 goats roamRead More

Westwood Village, a French Village in New Hampshire, N.H., has a cafe, restaurant and outdoor market

Westwood, New Hampshire’s second-most populous city, has become synonymous with food and foodies.But it’s not all foodies: In fact, it’s one of the country’s most iconic places for outdoor dining.Here’s a look at Westwood’s past and present.Westwood Village is located just south of Concord, New Jersey, on Route 20 in New Bedford, New Bedford County.ItRead More

The New Year’s Eve Party of The New Age is a Merry Mashup of the Year’s Top 10 Holiday Events

Merry Christmas everyone!We’re celebrating Christmas this year with some of our favorite holiday activities!Today we’re sharing our Top 10 Christmas Activities!And you can watch us enjoy them on our new home at The New Day.Enjoy the following festive events this holiday season!Merry Christmas to all!Happy New Year!Merry Xmas to all.Happy Hanukkah!Happy Valentine’s Day!Merry Valentine’s!This festiveRead More

How to get a German villa in Ireland

You can make a German village look like a castle in the heart of Dublin with a simple move.A €5,000 move to a lakefront villa and a bit of elbow grease can turn a modest house in the Dublin area into a stylish, modern home for €80,000, and the €40,000 house in Dublin’s most exclusiveRead More

When is the next time you’ll be eating pizza?

When will you be eating pizzas?That’s the question that has been posed to me by several people in my life, some of whom I know well, but many of whom are just as excited about the future of the pizza industry as I am.I’ll admit that the answers are far from easy, but the answerRead More

When the economy really hurts, what to do?

When the economic downturn began, it was tough to keep a job.The unemployment rate climbed to 10.6% in December from 7.8% in October, and the unemployment rate for Americans in December fell to 8.9% from 9.2%.The number of Americans looking for work plunged by 11.3% from December to January, according to the Bureau of LaborRead More