Why I love snow on the mountains of Utah

Snow on the mountain tops of Utah is not an uncommon sight in winter, but it is a treat to see it in the snowfall season.The snow on Mt.Kilimanjaro is a rare sight to see.This picture was taken in late May.The snowy landscape of Utah was created by a snow storm that dumped snow onRead More

How to play ‘Villager’ games

As a kid, I used to play a lot of ‘Villagers’ games, mostly the NES versions, including ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and ‘Zelda: Link’s Awakening’.These games, with their cute villagers, are my favorite type of game, and my favorite game is ‘Village Pizza’.I still play it on occasion, but my daughter, who is a gamer,Read More

What’s happening in village markets?

The village markets in this part of India are a big part of Indian food.They’re also a big source of income for the people living there.They’ve been a staple for many generations.But now, they’re getting a little less popular.And as the market economy matures, the villagers have turned to the Internet to find out what’sRead More