How to eat a meal in a village tavern

The village tavern has long been the go-to for visiting families and visiting friends, but now that there’s a new restaurant and a new menu to choose from, it’s time to get your family and friends the same experience.Read more The new menu features more seasonal, local and regional foods, along with new dishes thatRead More

What would you like to see in Minecraft?

Posted December 06, 2018 12:24:10We don’t have a Minecraft Village Tavern menu.However, the developer is looking to expand the menu.The menu currently consists of four main options:The Village Tavern has been renamed to “Munchy’s Tavern”The Town Hall has been converted into a MarketplaceThe Farmer’s Market has been moved to a MarketplaceA new “Food” menu hasRead More

How to make your own big bear burger

Big Bear, Idaho — You’re a burger lover who likes to keep a healthy diet.And you love a good burger.But you don’t have the ingredients.And you’re in the market for a new burger recipe.“I’m going to give you my top-rated Big Bear recipe,” says Jim Molloy, the author of “The Big Bear Burger.”“This is aRead More