What Christmas means to a German village

The German village of Gesl├╝sse is a tourist destination.But it’s also home to the oldest surviving community in Europe.“When we were young, we would spend holidays at the village church.It was very spiritual.We had no idea what was happening in the world, so we would listen to Christmas songs,” says the village’s local priest, Dr.Read More

Which village is best for Christmas?

The best Christmas villages are often chosen by the people living there.Here’s a look at some of the best places to visit, and how they compare to each other.1.Kaunas, Latvia2.Riga, Latvia3.Kostov, Latvia4.Kinshasa, South Africa5.Krakow, Poland6.Kulturshulam, India7.Krasnoyarsk, Russia8.Gdansk, Poland9.Kiel, Germany10.Leningrad, RussiaThe best Christmas towns: The best places for Christmas: 1.Kitzbu, Finland2.Krombodi, Russia3.Dvinesh, Russia4.Minsk, Belarus5.Varys, England6.Skopje, Macedonia7.Rijeka,Read More