The 10 best ramen restaurants in Taiwan

Ramen restaurants around the world have long enjoyed a loyal following, but with the advent of modern, healthy and fresh ramen options, there are some new ones popping up all over the globe.From China to Singapore, there’s a lot to choose from in ramen.Here are our top 10 favorite ramen places around the globe, fromRead More

Restaurant chain plans to expand in alpine villages

Restaurant chain Restaurants of Australia will expand its presence in northern Australia’s Alpine villages with the creation of two new restaurants.The company, owned by the Australian company Anheuser-Busch InBev, is set to open two restaurants in a former grain silo in Lake Arrowhead village in the Alpine Valley, in a bid to grow its marketRead More

When a woman takes a job at a rice village restaurant

I’ve been thinking about this, and I’m not the only one.I’ve noticed a pattern emerging: The more women in the workplace, the less likely they are to get a promotion.¬†What’s more, this pattern is only going to get worse.In the last few years, the percentage of women in management positions has declined.And as the femaleRead More