Which is the best game of minecraft?

Posted by The Game Awards 2018 on October 1, 2018 12:02:00 When it comes to the most recent release, Minecraft is definitely not to be trifled with.In fact, its popularity is so high, that many of the games are being released at once.With so many games being released in such short timeframes, many fans willRead More

Minecraft: Christmas Village’s Christmas Tree Is Real

Christmas is coming.But the festive atmosphere in New Horizons Village is just a few blocks away from the Minecraft medieval village.The village, located in the Mojave desert near Santa Fe, New Mexico, is being transformed into a Christmas village by the Mojang-owned Minecraft developers.The village, named for a fictional fictional medieval village in Minecraft, isRead More

How to cook with Indian meat, fish, and veggies

By Emma Lee BBC Food EditorIndia’s most famous cuisine, Indian cooking, has always been rooted in traditional cooking methods, including dosa and rice, and has also been influenced by the cuisine of the region.It’s a dish that has spread across India and has been dubbed the ‘village meat’ by some.A simple dosa, or wadai, withRead More

What would you like to see in Minecraft?

Posted December 06, 2018 12:24:10We don’t have a Minecraft Village Tavern menu.However, the developer is looking to expand the menu.The menu currently consists of four main options:The Village Tavern has been renamed to “Munchy’s Tavern”The Town Hall has been converted into a MarketplaceThe Farmer’s Market has been moved to a MarketplaceA new “Food” menu hasRead More

The Lad is Dead

It’s been a few years since I wrote a novel.The one thing I do have in common with most people who read this is that I’m bored.I like to read.I’ve always enjoyed fiction, especially the novels of Yann Martel, and I’ve even been a fan of the novelists, Stephen King, and Mark Lawrence.I’m a suckerRead More