What is New Horizon?

New Horizon is a small village built on an island off the coast of New Zealand.The village is a little over half an hour from the nearest city.I’m in New Zealand for a few days and have a few friends, so we are looking forward to getting to New Horizon in a couple of days.TheRead More

The New Villagers Are a New Hope for America’s Economy

New Villages have been popping up across the country as people flock to the country’s cities to live in the suburbs.Now, they’re also the fastest-growing part of America’s economic recovery.But they face a challenge: the need to make sure they’re doing it right.A new generation of American families are turning to the rural economy toRead More

The Lad is Dead

It’s been a few years since I wrote a novel.The one thing I do have in common with most people who read this is that I’m bored.I like to read.I’ve always enjoyed fiction, especially the novels of Yann Martel, and I’ve even been a fan of the novelists, Stephen King, and Mark Lawrence.I’m a suckerRead More