When is Kakariko Village’s latest school going to open?

When is the next school going live in Kakariki?

In the mean time, we have been keeping tabs on the village, and now, it looks like the school will be open on November 18, 2019.

The Kakarikiri Primary School is located in the village of Kameki.

The school is part of a larger project that includes a new building and other improvements to the old school, which is now located in a new site.

The village has recently been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage title of ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Village’.

This designation will allow the village to be included in UNESCO’s world heritage list, which includes many places in the world.

The village will also be given UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status.

According to the village’s official website, the Kakarikkiri Primary school has been the focus of much planning, including in order to create a school environment that is suitable for all children, regardless of their special needs.

The primary school is equipped with an integrated learning environment that includes classroom facilities, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool.

The school also has a large outdoor swimming pool with a capacity of 15,000.

The Kakarinkiri Primary is part the Kakiri village district.

The district’s website also lists that the school is a community-based school, where students learn in a structured environment and in accordance with their own cultural and language values.

The site also has some photos of the Kakrinka School, including some children who were students at the school before being sent to Kakarinka.

According the village school, there are currently five children in kindergarten and eight in middle school.

All of them attend school in the summer, when they can play in the nearby parks and the lake.

In order to open the new school, the village has been planning a number of initiatives.

The first step was the construction of the school’s school hall.

The building itself is a replica of the original school building.

The wooden structure of the hall is made from a wood from the surrounding hills and has been filled with materials to create the hall.

It is the first wooden building in Kakrinkiri to be used for a school building, according to the school.

It has been designed to accommodate children from kindergarten through elementary school.

Another new school building is being built in Kakari’s village.

The new building will be used as the school entrance.

The first two floors of the new building are currently occupied by a large school playground.

The children’s playground will be a permanent feature of the building.

The second building that is being constructed is the school auditorium.

The auditorium is located at the back of the primary school building and will be located at a height of 8.5 meters.

The seating will be in a high-class setting with a sound system.

The main entrance of the auditorium will be on the third floor of the main school building where it will be possible to take advantage of the spacious space.

The new building’s auditorium can accommodate between 1,000 and 1,500 children, according the Kakari district.

In addition, there will be room for up to 1,600 additional children.

The construction of a third building is also being planned.

The structure will be made of concrete and has a glass roof.

The students will be able to enter the building through a stairway that will be constructed.

The fourth building will consist of a large classroom with the auditoria on the fifth floor.

The third building will have a separate classroom and a separate auditorium for the elementary school students.

The fifth building will also have a different auditorium, the first of its kind in Kakori.

The seventh building will include a new auditorium with seating for 1,200 students.

The completion of the three buildings will mark the completion of a new phase in the construction and operation of the village elementary school building project.

The students who are already enrolled at the Kakara Elementary School will be transferred to the new Kakarika Secondary School, which will be the primary building for Kakarike schoolchildren.

The elementary school is set to open in 2019.