Ars Technic: How the Koziar Christmas Village in Kozair will survive the Christmas holidays

The Koziras christmas villages are just two of the towns that will be open to the public during the festive season.

The first village is known as the “Christmas Village” and is located in the town of Kozirc.

The village is located on the edge of a forest and the village has a unique feature that is unique to the area.

The town has a large number of trees in the trees and it’s an area that’s famous for its Christmas trees.

The villagers that live here all have Christmas trees and many have decorated their homes in a way that reminds people of Christmas.

The second village is called “Taste of Christmas” and it is located at a different location.

It is a village located in a valley, so there are lots of trees and the residents have made decorations and decorations for the town.

The decorations for this village are quite amazing and the decorations for these villages are unique.

This village is very special.

The Christmas decorations are really unique and the people in this village have created something that makes the village feel special.

In order to keep the villagers happy, the villagers have put special decorations in the village and they’ve made the decorations look like they’re coming from a different world.

It’s very strange to see the villagers making decorations and decorating their houses in this way.

The next village is “Barefoot Village” which is located close to the village of Kozi.

The villages name is “Kozi” which means barefoot.

The Village of Kozi is located about 200 kilometers from the town that is the village that houses the village.

The residents here are a group of people who live a very simple life.

They eat only the food that they grow on the land and they eat it together.

There’s no televisions, television sets, computers, televisions or radios, so the people here don’t have any internet.

They’re only able to use the Internet to talk to each other and they communicate through text messages.

The only thing that the villagers do that is connected to the internet is their phones and they have one of the largest cell phones in the world.

The people in the villages phones are not connected to anything so they have to go to the other side of the village to use their cell phones.

The phone that they have is a cell phone that is made of a thin piece of metal.

The cell phone is connected with a special antenna that is on top of the phone and it goes through the ground.

The antenna is used for calling and the villagers use this antenna to listen to the sound of the other people in their village.

When they hear the sound coming from the other village, they can call the other person.

If a person from the village calls someone from the land that is in another village, the cell phone will connect and the two people can hear each other.

This is one of those villages that will not be available for Christmas.

This place will only be open for one day each year, and that’s because the Christmas decorations will be made from wood and it will be difficult for people to enjoy the decorations and enjoy their Christmas festivities.

You will not see any decorations in this area, but it will still be a very special place.

If you want to visit this village during Christmas season, you can visit the village, go to a place called “Barry’s Village”, and then come back and visit the place that is called the “Baron’s Village”.