San Tan Village – the villager’s guide

San Tan village is located in the village of Taipan in the province of Taiping in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the main area of focus for Bitcoin mining in the country.

The village’s population has been steadily increasing since its inception, with over 5,000 residents at the time of this writing.

As such, the village has become a main source of Bitcoin mining revenue.

As a result, the Bitcoin community in the region has a strong interest in the village, and in particular the villagers.

One villager named Cao Qimin, who is also known as Cao Yuan, is the resident of San Tan.

Cao Yuan is the chairman of a bitcoin mining pool called BTC-P, and his team has recently been rewarded with a bounty of more than $3,000 USD.

Cao’s Bitcoin mining pool is located at the villa, and the mining pool itself is run by Cao’s sister Cao Wei, a local resident.

Bitcoin miners in the community have also been actively participating in the Bitcoin Community in China.

Cao has been actively mining in San Tan since he first started mining in December of 2015, and he is also the co-founder of Bitcoin-P.

While Cao’s mining pool was created just before the Bitcoin Network’s inception in 2011, Cao’s recent activities have made him the focus of attention from the Bitcoin-Community in the Zhuang.

Cao Qirin and Cao Wei Cao Yuan’s Bitcoin-Pool Cao Qiqin and his sister Cao Qihu have been actively contributing to the Bitcoin Mining Community in San Taipans region.

Cao Wei has been mining for about a year now, and Cao Qiru has been active for almost five years.

Cao Xian, a member of Cao Wei’s mining team, has been involved in the mining community for nearly two years.

In addition to Cao Wei and Cao Xiong, Cao Xin has been participating in a number of other Bitcoin Mining Pool’s.

Cao Yuping, a resident of Cao Qilin’s mining company, has also been active in the pool for almost three years.

The Cao-Xian mining pool has already received a bounty worth over $2,000, and is now the second largest mining pool in China after Cao Qihui’s BTC-Pool.

Cao Qing, a mining pool co-owner from Cao Wei Qilins home town of Taiji, has made the most recent Bitcoin-Network bounties, earning $2.7, $3.4, and $5.2 million.

Cao Xiaohong, a co-founder of Cao Xitian mining firm, has previously mined for the Bitcoin Investment Trust, and earned over $6,000 for mining.

Cao and Cao Xin’s Bitcoin Mining Group Cao Xiaolong and Cao Qing are the founders of Cao-Qiu Mining Pool.

Cao Xin has been working for a year and a half on the Bitcoin mining project, and has also contributed to Cao-Yun Mining Pool, Cao-Zhu Mining Pool and Cao-Gu Mining Pool with a total of over $3 million.

The majority of Cao Xin mining pool’s funds have been donated to the local Bitcoin Foundation, the local NGO, and to the Chinese Red Cross.

Cao-Cao Mining Pool Cao-Bao Mining Group, CaoQiu and CaoQiyi are the members of Cao’s team.

Cao Cao and the Cao-Xi Mining Pool have also donated a total $4,500,000 to local NGOs and the Chinese government.

Cao Xueying, a miner in Cao Cao’s Mining Pool has donated a lot of money to local charities and the local Red Cross, and recently donated over $12,000.

CaoXing Mining Pool In order to understand how Cao Xins mining pool came to be, one must first understand the importance of Bitcoin Mining in China in general.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has grown exponentially in the last few years, reaching more than one hundred million Bitcoins worth of value in February 2016.

However, Bitcoin’s value has fluctuated greatly over the years.

From its inception as a decentralized digital currency in 2009 to its eventual decentralized cryptocurrency in 2016, Bitcoin has always remained a decentralized and decentralised currency.

The Bitcoin community itself is not decentralized, and many have taken pains to hide their identities to avoid suspicion.

As the Bitcoin network has grown and matured, however, the community itself has become more decentralized, with the Bitcoin miners participating in larger pools to facilitate their mining activities.

Cao Tianxing, one of the largest Bitcoin miners of the day, has become increasingly active in Bitcoin mining, as he has been contributing to numerous mining pools over the last two years and recently, his mining pool, Cao Tianxi, has begun to receive significant amounts of mining revenue as well.

CaoQi and CaoZhong Mining Pool Since Cao Qi and his family started mining Bitcoins in late 2015, they have been active on the local scene.

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