Greenwood Village, Ten Thousand Village Found After 10 Years

A village in New England’s Greenwood village is recovering after more than 10 years in the dark.

The town of Ten Thousand Villages was last seen in 2002, when the residents of the village were living on a lake in New Hampshire.

Today, the village is still there, with the property now being managed by the New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources. 

 In 2006, the Greenwood Town Council decided to sell the land and put the money toward building a park. 

The village has not been seen since 2008, when it was first discovered.

Residents of Ten-Thousand Villages say they are hopeful for the return of the community, which was once the largest in the state. 

“They said, ‘We are so happy to have them back,'” resident Kevin P. Davis told NBC News.

“They said we were going to have a community.

We didn’t have a plan.

We were just a bunch of kids playing together and we were looking for a little bit of stability.” 

“I know I’m dreaming a lot of things right now,” Davis added. 

In 2007, the Town Council voted to sell all of the land to the United States Army Corps of Engineers, who were tasked with finding the next generation of Greenwood residents.

The Corps plans to move the village and its residents to an area where it will have more land for farming.

“The land was already sold,” Davis said.

“It’s not as far from where we were at the time.” 

The land the Corps plans on using to build the Greenwoods Park was purchased by the National Park Service in 2007. 

According to the park service, the Corps will purchase the land from the Town of Greenwoods for $9.9 million and then sell the remaining property.

The land will be used to create the park, which is expected to be completed by 2020. 

After years of not being seen by residents, a community is finally looking for peace and quiet.