Why I Hate Winter (But I Am Not Done With Winter)

I hate winter.

Like, I hate it.

Like I hate the cold.

Like the cold itself.

But I don’t hate the snow.

I’m still in love with snow.

The snow is a big part of my life, even if I’m just a bit bored of it right now.

The first time I got snow on my face I was so excited to see it, so excited, so desperate to get it.

The thing about snow, though, is that I love it when it falls.

Snow is beautiful.

Snow on a wall is beautiful, and snow on a beach is beautiful to me.

But it doesn’t do me any good if I have to wait a year for it to return.

And I want it to be here, so I can enjoy the snow, too.

It’s part of our culture.

It means we have traditions, it means we make food.

And it’s a way to make memories.

I want snow, not just because I’m looking for snow but because snow is important.

It is our history.

The way it falls has a big impact on us, and it has a great deal to do with our cultures.

But the reason I hate snow is because I know that it will eventually come back.

I don`t want to wait.

I know it will come back someday.

And if I donĀ“t have it by then, well, then, I will be in a lot of pain.

There is a lot that we all love about winter, and even if we love snow, we still love snow.

And even if it’s not snowing, I still love it.