3 things you may have missed at China’s new pizza factory in China

Chinese pizza makers are making some of the world’s biggest pizza pies and they’re getting a little help from a giant pizza factory.

We’re reporting on this story as the world sees a surge in interest in the world famous pizza.

It’s called Chinese Pizza.

We’re going to take a look at it.

First of all, a word on pizza: The Chinese are famous for their pizza.

And they’re not kidding.

There are literally hundreds of different varieties.

The most famous of them is the Sichuan pizza.

You can get the most famous one, the Shanghai style, in the southern provinces.

It is known for being the most expensive.

People also get their pizzas from other regions, and it’s often made with pork or pork products, such as sausage.

We’ve also heard that it’s the biggest source of revenue for local businesses.

And then there’s the pizza from other countries.

There is the Italian style, which is known as pizza from Naples, or pizza from Siena.

We think of the Italian pizza as being the best, but we know that it is not quite the same thing.

You’ll see pizza in other countries and then it will come to China.

It will be known as Chinese pizza, and Chinese people will eat it as much as the Italians.

But there are also variations of it.

In India, for example, there are many varieties.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

The pizza is also known as a hot pizza, a spicy pizza, or a thin pie.

And some of them are made from sausage and pepperoni.

It is not uncommon for Chinese to make their own dough and use it for their pizzles.

And it is a great source of income for local pizzerias, as well.

A lot of the local pizzeria owners get a piece of the pie pie from their customers.

So it is an economic opportunity for them, and they get a little bit of extra revenue from it.

And there are other things that are happening with Chinese pizza.

First of all there is a lot of demand for Chinese pizza from around the world.

We recently saw a huge influx of Chinese people who had made their own pizzas in Italy, and these pizzas became a huge success in Italy.

It also helped the Chinese in the United States, because we also have a huge demand for pizza from the United Kingdom.

In fact, in China, there’s a lot more pizza from China than from any other country.

And so this has made the pizza industry in China quite competitive.

Now, this pizza factory has a lot to offer the world: it has a large production line, and the company employs over 700 people.

The company also employs many people in other fields, such in production and in sales.

The employees can make up to 20 pizzas a day.

But what is the biggest thing that they can do?

Well, the biggest is their pizza delivery service, where they can make around 15 pizzas per hour.

And then they can also prepare a pizza on the spot.

The pizzas are delivered to their restaurant or to other local businesses in China.

That means that, for instance, the pizza that is being made at the local restaurant can be delivered to the restaurant.

The restaurants then receive it and can prepare it themselves.

We will not say that Chinese pizzas can be served on their own.

We hope that the restaurant can prepare them themselves, but if that is not possible, then we will serve them in the restaurant as well, and if they are satisfied, then they will give them to the customers.

But then there is also the pizza restaurant.

It offers a lot.

It can make 30 pizzas or more per hour, and you can order one at a time, so that they will have a large pizza.

In China, if a customer wants to order pizza for more than one person, then the pizza can be made in one place, so there is an efficiency gain for the restaurant, as it saves on labor.

And what about the customers?

The restaurant itself is not cheap.

The average cost of a pizza is around 30,000 yuan (about $44,200).

But they can have it for a little less.

We’ll say that it will cost them roughly $300 to make one, so if they have enough pizzas to serve people, it will be worth it.

So, in this case, they will probably save a lot on their labor.

But if it’s a restaurant where they do not have a lot and they do have to order a lot, then that is also a great opportunity for the pizzeria to make money.

The other thing is that it makes the pizza a lot healthier, which will help the company’s bottom line.

So, if you are a Chinese person looking for a pizza, look no further.

We are reporting on the new Chinese Pizza factory