New Horizons Village: The story of an old trading hall

A story of one of the most significant buildings in the world of trading, The New Horizons Villager Trading Hall, is about to be turned into a museum, a building that will hold a collection of some of the best photos from that era.

A group of local and international experts will work with the owners of the building to create a special exhibit that celebrates the story behind the building, as well as its role in bringing the art of photography to the people of New Horizons.

The New Horizons Museum will be the brainchild of former New Horizons employee and current artist and filmmaker David Luscombe, who is creating a special exhibition of photographs from the era that will be displayed in the building’s lobby.

Luscombe will work closely with the New Horizons owners, The Villagers Trading Hall Association, to ensure that the collection will be curated, and the museum will be able to share its findings with the community.

The museum’s curator, former New Horizon photographer Scott Henson, said that the building will become a museum in a way that is unprecedented for an art collection, and that the gallery will be an extension of the original trading hall.

“The New Horizon Villager was an amazing building that was designed in 1913, but it never really took off,” Henson said.

“So this museum is a way to bring it back to life.”

A look inside the New Horizon Village.

David Luschen/FlickrLuschen, a former New York City mayor, had a vision to transform a derelict building into a community center that would become a gathering place for New Horizons residents to celebrate their memories of the space.

The building, which once housed a grocery store, now serves as a meeting place, a community space and a community library.

New Horizons Village is part of a wider effort to connect the New Frontier with its neighbors, Henson explained.

The museum will feature a wide array of New Frontier-themed items, including art prints, jewelry, photographs and books, all housed in a large display case that is currently located in the lobby.

The new museum, the first of its kind, will include a number of interactive exhibits that will allow visitors to walk around the building and interact with its historic artifacts.

One of the main goals for the project, Luschens said, is to “capture that sense of community, the sense of belonging, that’s missing from a lot of the community spaces.”

He also said that his hope is that visitors will be inspired to learn more about the history of the New Frontiers and to “learn to appreciate our surroundings and our community.”

“It’s really important that the community is there to have a sense of history and to appreciate it, and hopefully bring the story of the past into the present,” he said.

A tour of the museum, located at 939 West 17th Street.

David Henson/Flickr”We want to really make New Horizons look like it’s a part of our community and it’s really a community museum, and a place that people can come and enjoy their time in our community,” he added.

“The idea is that people will come to see it as a place of gathering, of learning and of celebrating our history.”

A photo of the new exhibit at the New Horizons Village.

Photo by David Lschen/ Flickr”New Horizons Villagers, as the building is known, was originally designed as a grocery and butcher store, but when the company was sold in 1917 to the United States Army, it was moved to the old New Horizons Building, which was converted into a warehouse in the 1920s.

The New Horities building was originally used as a hotel, but was later sold to a private residence, the Village Trading Hall.

The Village Trading House, now home to The Villager, is the main trading hall of the Village of New Horizon.”

Luschens also said he is excited about the future of the site, as it will be a gathering spot for many New Horizons families, as many of the families have been looking for a place to hold their own special event, as part of their birthday celebrations.

“We know that there are a lot more events that New Horizons is going to host, and we want to make sure that the people who come to New Horizons are as excited as we are about this project,” he explained.

“And that’s really what it’s all about, and to have an event in our town and bring our community together, and celebrate what New Horizons has accomplished over the years.”

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