How to find Cameron Village discount in your area

WASHINGTON (AP) — How to buy the most bang for your buck when you visit Cameron Village?

You can’t buy it online, but you can get it by walking through the parking lot.

The village of Cameron, Idaho, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, with more than 3,000 visitors visiting this year alone, according to data compiled by the Idaho State Tourism Office.

A lot of that has to do with the price.

Cameron Village has a village discount and discounts on local restaurants and shops.

You can even get a discounted tour package from the local airport.

You’ll pay $10 for a tour that starts at the airport.

You’ll pay that price again for a second tour that ends at the local park.

You could pay $15 for a third tour.

You can also buy a tour package with a “Cameron Village Discount” sticker on it.

It’s a 20 percent discount off the cost of the entire package.

It’s a big deal.

It can get you a trip to the local area where you live, get to a family gathering or just go shopping.

It even lets you pay to have a friend visit the local store.

That’s not the only way to spend money in Cameron Village.

There are also deals on a variety of local businesses, including a barber shop, a clothing store, a convenience store and a movie theater.

Most visitors also find some deals at local attractions.

You won’t be disappointed if you see a local dog walking at the park, for example.

Cameron Park has been named one of Idaho’s best parks by the Tri-City Times.