How one Hawaiian village is trying to turn around a town in decline

Honolulu Waikolopa Village has one of the world’s lowest homicide rates and its police chief says he’s working to reduce it.article Honolulu Waichaeola Village is one of two rural Honolulu-area communities that have been affected by the devastating drought, which is affecting the area’s economy and housing stock.

It is a place of quiet and solitude, said village police chief John Knox.

It is a community where the community is not a place where people are drinking and doing drugs, he said.

And that’s one of our biggest challenges, he added.

“I have a sense of pride that we have this type of community that’s still in place,” Knox said.

“But it’s not a culture we can keep.”

Knox said it’s difficult to change a culture.

The village, which has about 1,100 residents, had the highest number of homicides in the state last year, when more than 1,000 people were shot and killed in a span of seven months.

In January, the village’s population was around 400.

Kaiapoi Village, a rural village on Oahu’s north shore, has seen its population fall by about 10 percent in the past year, according to census data.

The village was one of three that were hit hardest by the drought.

The other two are Kauai, which had a 2 percent decline in its population, and Waikolei, which lost 6 percent.

Village Police Chief Mark Dreyer said he was frustrated by the decline in the village, but hoped the trend would continue in the future.

The Honolulu Police Department has about 3,200 officers and about 2,000 sworn officers.

In 2016, the department reported a drop of about 3 percent in homicide and non-negligent manslaughter.

The chief said the department is doing what it can to increase the police presence in the area, but the challenge is that crime and homicides have continued to rise, he told The Associated Press.

The number of shootings in the Waikuloa and Kaiapoi villages has been declining for years, but Knox pointed out that the community hasn’t been hit by that.

“The way I look at it is, if you take it away from the village in the next two to three years, then I think that’s going to be pretty difficult,” Knoxy said.

“If we were in the middle of the desert, we’d probably be OK, he explained.

He said the village has tried to make the community more safe by adding security cameras and installing barricades around the streets and in some of the houses.

But that hasn’t worked.”

It’s hard to build a culture that is safe and peaceful when you have the police around you,” he said, adding that the village was planning to install a new patrol car that would make its presence more visible and that it was considering hiring an extra officer.

The department said it doesn’t keep statistics on the number of crimes, but that the number has declined for the past several years.

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