Which cities have the highest number of people using Airbnb?

The numbers are staggering.

For a city like Miami, which is home to more than 80 million people, there are more than a million people using the website.

Airbnb is also the fastest growing property sharing service, according to data from Airbnb.

So far, there have been more than 16 million listings.

The number of Airbnb guests in Miami jumped by more than 50 percent over the past year.

The number of guests visiting Miami doubled in a year.

And the number of guest reviews has increased by more that 2,000 percent.

The Miami area has also seen a rise in Airbnb guests, according the city’s Department of Tourism.

Last year, the number was just under 4,000.

In 2017, it reached 5,200.

The average guest stayed for just under a month in the year.

“I’ve seen a lot of the growth in the tourism industry, and this is something that we can’t continue to keep doing, and we’re going to have to address it,” said Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez.

The number one trend is that Miami has become the most popular place in the world to stay in, according Airbnb.

Airbnb has more than 3.4 million listings in the city.

It has helped drive the surge in new homes in Miami.

The city is now the No. 1 destination for vacation rentals, according data from the real estate firm.

The tourism department also released its list of the top 10 most popular tourist destinations in the United States in 2017.

The list included more than 150,000 spots.

It included more cities than any other, including Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

The list is not based on what kind of tourism the U.S. is experiencing.

It is based on the percentage of visitors who say they are visiting the city in the future.

The most popular cities on the list were Orlando, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

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