How to invest in India’s investment village, a startup for investors

Investors Village, a new startup for Indian investors, is offering an investment tool for startups to raise money.

Investors Village’s founder, Shubha Ghosh, says the startup’s aim is to provide a tool for entrepreneurs to find investors, and to help them get financing to start their businesses.

Ghosh says the app will help startups connect with investors by letting them see the names of their potential investors, as well as their business opportunities.

Investors can also view how much they can expect to make from their venture, how much equity they have, and the valuation of their company.

Ghosh says he plans to expand the app to other countries soon.

The app will be launched on October 1 in India.

The startup, which has raised $500,000 so far, aims to help startups like startups by helping them connect with potential investors.

Its founder, Amit Bhalla, says he hopes the app can become the go-to platform for startups in India to connect with people in their ecosystem.

Ghos says the goal is to make the app a “platform that helps entrepreneurs connect with their potential backers, and also help them to build their company.”

Ghosh hopes the startup will eventually help other startups in the same ecosystem.

In addition to investors, Ghosh said the app is also looking for help with marketing.

He said he wants to build an app that will help entrepreneurs promote their startups to potential investors and also allow them to get exposure.

Ghos says he wants the startup to become the Go-to app for entrepreneurs.

The startup will be able to use the data of investors, investors’ profile, aswell as other relevant information, to identify promising companies, Ghos said.

Ghose said the startup is working on a number of features, including helping startups find investors to fund their startups.

The company is also developing a mobile app that would allow users to find other investors in their local market.

The idea is to use an app for investors to find potential investors in a local market, he said.

He says the company plans to add more features to the app as the app grows.