‘I don’t want to go to prison’: An Oregon man in jail over a missing girlfriend

A man who was arrested in the snow in the Kalihi Valley for allegedly having a missing fiancee has been released after serving a jail sentence.

John A. Miller was sentenced Monday to four years in prison, one of the longest in Oregon history for an unrelated felony.

He also must serve time for the death of his pregnant fiancee, who was found dead in her car.

Miller pleaded guilty in May to an unrelated charge, but prosecutors had argued against his release.

He was released after a hearing, and prosecutors said they planned to appeal his conviction.

Miller was arrested early this month in a village near the Kalikokak River.

He told authorities that he was looking for a woman he met online, but he didn’t return calls for comment.

He spent the night in jail.

The man was also charged with domestic violence, but a judge in April threw out those charges because he was already behind bars.

Prosecutors said Miller was upset over the death.