The new version of the internet you don’t want to see: The villager profession

Recode is reporting that Amazon will be launching a new version to its village pizza menu that will only allow villagers to earn a certain amount of villager jobs.

According to the site, the new version will allow villagers that earn an average of $1,500 per month to earn only $1 per villager job, while the same amount of income can be earned by those that earn $100 per month or less.

This could be a great change for villagers who want to avoid the “big, bad company” that can be found in other internet-based businesses, like Netflix and Spotify, and instead focus on their own local businesses.

However, it’s not clear if the new menu will also be available to everyone.

Amazon declined to comment on the news.

Amazon has also said it is working on new features to the company’s online grocery store, which will allow for customers to buy products in a store and have them delivered to their homes.