How to save money and get a real life apartment in a town that loves to play video games

The residents of Crescent Village are not the kind of people who get too caught up in their computer games, or their smartphones.

They like to relax.

That’s why they made it their mission to build a home that’s comfortable to live in, a cozy place where people will come and spend time with family, friends and neighbors.

A neighborhood in Crescent Village in San Diego, Calif.

A community that loves its video games.

Crescent Village is a tiny neighborhood of about 2,000 residents in Southern California’s Mojave Desert, about 80 miles north of San Francisco.

Residents have embraced the idea of living in a virtual reality world, where they can go out and experience new places in their own homes.

It’s a big deal.

A lot of people don’t know that Crescent Village is actually the first virtual community in the world.

“This is the real life experience,” said Chris Baughman, who lives in Crescent.

Baughman said that when he moved in about six months ago, he was greeted by a small group of other virtual residents, and he says he feels like he’s part of the community now.

“I feel like I have the same kind of experience, and I feel like people are embracing that,” he said.

The community has its own TV, radio and a library, as well as a community cafe, coffee shop, movie theater and gymnasium.

In order to get to know the residents, the virtual community started an online community called Crescent Village.

For $75, residents can rent an Oculus Rift headset that will allow them to go out into the world and experience virtual reality in a safe and intimate setting.

You can choose a location near the community or at an outdoor cafe.

The virtual reality experience is not only great for socializing, but it also helps people who have dementia or are blind, or people who can’t see well.

“We have some people who are able to use it to do things in their lives,” said Baughmann.

“But, they have limited vision and it’s hard for them to interact with others in their home environment.”

The Crescent community also hosts its own games.

There’s a sandbox survival game called Rift Assault, a video game where you play as a ghost that must survive in a dark and haunted mansion.

And, there’s a virtual city that is a real-world version of San Diego.

When you rent a virtual apartment, it will come with a virtual kitchen and living room.

The community also offers an interactive museum, which is an interactive space where people can meet and learn more about virtual reality.

There’s even a virtual theater that has a stage where you can watch live video games on a big screen.

“It’s the first time in my life that I’ve seen the live games,” said resident Chris Staley.

“It’s really cool.”