ARCA’s beaujoiins from New Horizons Village to make their mark on Australian football

Beaujois have been knocking on the door of football since the mid 1990s and it’s fair to say they’ve taken up the cause of the game.

In the 10 years since, the number of players from New Horizon Village has grown from nine to 27.

They’ve played in the A-League, A-WNT, AIS and also the NPL.

The game has changed a lot, but what they’ve seen from the players has not changed.

“The only thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of the people that are playing the game,” said Beaujolaine.

“There are so many new faces coming through the door, new faces that are from New Guinean culture, so they’re bringing their own experiences to the game.”

The NPL’s current squad features six players from the village, including two of the top three goalscorers in the game – Nelia Maitland and Dario Soto.

The other two are Beaujonas Lopes and Sisa Kepu.

“It’s great to have these people that have brought their culture and their values into the game, but they also bring a different style of play,” said Marcello, who is also the club’s sporting director.

“When you get to play with people from a culture like that, it’s good to have a bit of variety, a bit more depth.”

And to have the people coming through from the new territories also, it makes the game much more fun and exciting.

“We are really excited to have this new crop of players, who we’re excited about coming through.”

New Horizons Village is located on the northern fringe of the Beaumaris city.

It is the second New Horizon village to make its debut for the Aussie football team.

It was built in the late 1990s for the then NPL team, and has played an important part in the development of the NSL.

The NSL team played their first match in 1996 at Beaumares’ former home, Mount Druitt, before moving to Mount Druitz in 2001.

“I think they were very excited to be here, to have an opportunity to play against the Aussies and get an A-SV at the time,” said Jarrad.

“Now we have a home, we’re very happy and the game is growing every year.

It was a great time for our club.”