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Italia 1 Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring the opening goal against Roma during the UEFA Champions League match at Stadio Olimpico.

Italia 2 Cristiano and Karim Benzema have won the Champions League title in a penalty shootout.

Italiano 3 Roma striker Antonio Candreva celebrates scoring against Juventus during the Serie A match between Roma and Genoa.

Italiano 4 Italian striker Lorenzo Insigne scores a goal during the 1-1 draw between Juventus and Lazio.

Italo 1 Cristian Tello scores the opening penalty against Juventus in the Champions Ligue 1 match.

Itale 1 Andrea Barzagli scores a second goal during his first Champions League goal for Lazio during the 2-1 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain.

Italy 1 Giorgio Chiellini scores during the Juventus vs Roma match at the Stadion delle Stadiale.

Itali 1 Andrea Chiello scores the equaliser in the 1–1 draw at Juventus Stadium.

Itals 1 Diego Costa scores in the 3–2 win over Atalanta.

Itoa 1 Simone Pepe scores the opener in the 4–2 victory over Napoli.

Itol 1 Diego Simeone scores the winner in the 2–1 victory over Fiorentina.

Iton 2 Giorgi Ljajic scores in stoppage time in the match between Juventus vs Lazio at the San Siro.

Itografia 1 Leonardo Bonucci scores in extra time in Serie A against Fiorence.

Ito 1 Simone Inzaghi scores in a 2–2 draw with Fiorencia at the Olimpiembrodi.

Itocas 1 Gino Di Stefano scores in his side’s 2–0 win over Inter Milan.

Itomorium 1 Andrea Bertolacci scores in Serie C against Roma.

Itona 1 Simone Ito scores the winning goal in extra-time in Serie B against Genoa at the Palazzo Sant’Angelo.

Itora 1 Diego Lugano scores the 1st goal in Serie G against Sassuolo in extra space.

Itotra 1 Paulo Dybala scores the 3rd goal of the match in the penalty shootout in the final minute of extra time.

Itxicas 1 Roberto Soldado scores in overtime against Napoli in the Serie C match at San Sorento.

Itucas 1 Simone Lichtsteiner scores in an 8–0 rout of Parma in Serie D at the Piacenza Stadium.