When Trump’s wife and children move to Hawaii: Trump’s ‘disgusting’ visit to Hawaii is not a ‘temporary’ move

The US president’s wife, Melania, and their children are about to move to a new home in Hawaii, but not before the couple had a brief, awkward goodbye.

Melania Trump has been visiting the island nation since April.

Melania, who is married to US President Donald Trump, visited her hometown of Dania Beach, Florida, during her husband’s presidential campaign, and was greeted by a sea of people who had been waiting outside for hours for her arrival.

She told ABC News that her new home will include a gym, a library, a playground, a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Melania has been the focus of much criticism, but the president’s first wife is not the first celebrity to visit the island.

In fact, President Donald J. Trump has only visited the island once before.

Melania and her husband, US President Barack Obama, were the first couple to visit a state park in Hawaii.

They spent the week of April 18 to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

While they were there, they were greeted with a sea-of-people crowd.

ABC News’ Mike Stobe contributed to this report.