Which NFL teams will make the playoffs in 2017?

We are all very familiar with the NFL playoffs.

There are the playoffs, the Super Bowl, the title game, and of course the World Series.

The last of these is the last one that will be played, but the fact remains that we will be watching and counting down to when the first game is played.

The NFL playoffs are going to be the biggest event of the season.

The league will have its best team in the history of the league and a top team in every other division.

All the other teams will have to compete to make the postseason, but at the end of the day, there is only one team that has a shot to make it all the way to the postseason.

With that in mind, it is hard to imagine any team getting out of the first round, but we will all be watching the playoffs closely in order to see if there is any way to sneak past the first-round teams.

We are going with the first pick from the 2018 draft and it will be the first time in the franchise’s history that we have had a first-rounder from the draft pick.

We have seen some teams like the Cardinals and Raiders go on to win Super Bowls and this could be the season that the NFL picks up where it left off in the 1980s. 

The first pick for the 2018 NFL draft will be wide receiver Shaq Thompson.

The other two picks in this draft will go to the Cowboys and Packers.

It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys get there, because Thompson has a ton of upside, but it is not likely that he will be drafted higher than the third round.

The Packers have a chance to be a real playoff contender and this is why we are keeping an eye on their draft. 

Thompson is a guy that will put up big numbers for the Cowboys this year.

Thompson caught over 700 passes in his college career and he has great speed.

He also has the ability to run and catch passes in the short and intermediate passing game.

Thompson will also be a big part of the Cowboys’ offense and he will need to be because they will need some playmakers in the passing game if they are going up against the Broncos.

The Cowboys could also use some playmaking with Dez Bryant out for the season and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott.

The team has struggled to find a reliable running back this season, so Elliott could be a nice addition.

Elliott has been playing very well and he was an All-Pro candidate last season.

If Elliott can play like this for the Dallas Cowboys, the team could be in good shape. 

The Broncos will be without their top wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas.

Thomas is expected to miss the entire season due to a torn ACL, so the Broncos could use some help at the position.

They will need another wide receiver to fill the void left by Thomas. 

If Denver can find a quality wide receiver in the draft, it could be an easy decision to go after a young player like wide receiver Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey was one of the most exciting receivers in the NFL last season, and he could fill the role of a true No. 1 receiver.

Ramsey has great size and speed and has great hands.

He will be a valuable weapon for the Broncos offense and could help turn the team around after losing Demaryious Thomas for the year. 

There will be some uncertainty at the cornerback position, but cornerback Darius Slay will be back after missing the entire preseason due to injury. 

Slay was one half of the dominant defense that the Denver Broncos had last season and he should help the defense this year if he can stay healthy.

Slay is an athletic, fast cornerback and will help the Broncos in their ability to make plays on the ball. 

A lot of people have been talking about how Denver should get a top wideout in the first or second round and Slay is definitely a guy they should get in that scenario.

Slay has been very impressive throughout his career and I am sure he will make an impact for the Denver franchise. 

I am going to take a look at the second round of the 2018 rookie class, and I think it is safe to say that the Broncos will make a big splash with the third pick.

It is a huge step up for the team to draft a receiver in this round and the way that the draft class will be structured will make this pick extremely important. 

First-round pick Christian Kirksey will go out and take the role as the No. 2 receiver. 

Kirksey was one the best receivers in college last season with a ridiculous 947 yards and 10 touchdowns.

He has the size and physical tools to play at the next level, but he needs to continue to work on his route running and getting open.

If Kirksey can do that, the Broncos should be very happy with their second-round selection. 

Another receiver that could make an immediate impact will be Jalen Williams.

Williams was one part of a strong Clemson defense last season that