Restaurant in Greenfield Village, a ‘living room’ in West Village restaurants

GREENFIELD VILLAGE, N.Y. — For the past two decades, the West Village’s signature spot has been a living room filled with family and friends watching TV, chatting, playing with their children.

But it’s not just that the restaurant is a cozy place to enjoy a meal.

It’s that it’s a community.

Now, a group of village residents is planning to take it one step further.

They are pushing the village to open a new restaurant in Westville, a village about two hours west of Greenfield.

The village is also working with a local developer to convert the former Greenfield Community Hall, a former public school, into a two-story, two-bath, three-bedroom, four-bedroom townhome that could serve as a community gathering place and a community dining space.

It’s an ambitious vision that would give a community of about 20,000 people the opportunity to serve food, entertainment and social activities in an upscale location.

“There’s just so many different communities that have been built around the West End of Manhattan,” said Joe Rizzo, a longtime West Village resident and board member of the Village Development Corporation, which oversees the village.

Rizzo and the Village of Westville are working on a proposal for a new West Village restaurant.

If it comes to fruition, it would be the second such development in the village in as many years.

In January, the village approved a $150 million, mixed-use development for the site.

Westville, located on the riverfront of the village, is home to several historic buildings, including the former West End Presbyterian Church, a brick building that once stood as the West Side home of West End Baptist Church, which was built in 1869.

It was built by George and Julia Wood in the 1880s and later named after its namesake.

In 2016, the Woods purchased the former Woods-Woods House building on West Village Boulevard for $8.4 million, making it the largest residential development in East Harlem, according to developer Tom Boulud, who is co-developing the new development with the Village.

The Woods House is expected to be completed in 2019.

The development also includes the development of a new, community-wide, community space.

Boulud is proposing a 1,800-square-foot, two story, four bedroom townhome, with four bedrooms and four baths.

It would have a full kitchen and dining room, a large, open-concept kitchen, a shared bathroom and a separate kitchen and living room for the Wood family.

A small, but growing community, Westville is located at the base of the Westside, about a half-mile from Greenfield, the home of the Greenfield School District.

Bouluddi’s proposal would create a townhome community space with two levels, a one-bedroom and a two bedroom.

The first level would include a kitchen, dining room and living area.

The second level would have an enclosed, one-bedroom kitchen and shared bathroom.

The Greenfield family plans to live in the first level.

The Woods are proposing a two level, two bedroom townhouse.

There are many, many properties that could be converted into community spaces in Westvillage.

This is a very unique proposal, Bouluddid said.

He said the Wood Family is in a unique position because they’re building something that’s going to last.

Bodansky said he is not planning on using his $2 million in tax credits to build the Westville restaurant.

He’s also not going to build a community center or a community pool.

He said the village’s community center has a community garden, a public playground, and a soccer field.

This is a new opportunity, Bodansky said.

I think the village has really invested a lot into its Greenfield community and I think they have a lot of people who are really excited about the project.

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