Why does my favourite Greek village look like the Greek one?

Posted January 06, 2018 09:57:58I love the way this village looks.

It is just so well preserved, but it has a very distinct look.

The village looks like a Greek village and I love the fact that it is very different to the rest of the village.

I think it is the same thing with the town, it is a Greek town but with a Greek flavour.

The food is a bit different but I love that, the olive oil and the wine are Greek and they are very different.

The village has a large Greek cemetery that has been built for the funerals of the Greeks who have been buried here.

It looks really cool, and I think you can really feel the emotion of the deceased when you see the graves.

It’s just really neat to see.

I don’t have any other Greek village, but I think that’s where my love lies.

I also like that I have seen a lot of Greek villages, so I know that it’s not a unique thing.

You can see a lot in Greece and in other parts of Europe.

I like that there are so many villages, and that I can be surrounded by them, it’s like a paradise.