Which of the New England towns are most likely to have a leaky or leaking roof?

The U.S. National Weather Service has issued a severe weather advisory for New England, warning of potential tornadoes, damaging winds, and possible flooding as storms sweep across the region.

It’s the latest storm warning for the region, as a number of states have been battered by a series of tornadoes in recent weeks.

The National Weather Services issued a warning for Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia on Friday afternoon, with the warning affecting most of Massachusetts, New England and Connecticut.

A severe weather watch has also been issued for the Delaware River Basin, with a severe thunderstorm warning in effect.

A weather advisory has also also been placed for portions of New York City, the New York State Capital and New York, New York.

While there’s a strong chance of a tornado, tornadoes are not the worst of the weather in the region right now.

There are several other potentially damaging weather threats as the weather system moves across the country, including flash flooding, heavy rain and thunderstorms.

In New England , heavy rain is expected across the Northeast, including parts of New England’s most populated city, Boston, according to the National Weather Council.

Some residents are worried about flooding as a result of the storm.

The National Weather Coop said the region has seen some heavy rain events and hail and lightning events, and some of those conditions may cause flash flooding in some areas.

“We’re concerned about flash flooding and hail, and if that is the case, we’re concerned it’s going to be a long weekend for folks who live in areas affected by it,” said Jennifer Stroud, a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center.

“If that is what we have to look at, that could be a really bad weekend.”

The weather system is moving slowly, with gusts as low as 65 mph (101 km/h) in parts of Massachusetts.

There is also concern about hail and potential flash flooding.

A storm warning is also in effect for parts of Pennsylvania, New Brunswick and the New Jersey coast.

There are also some areas in New England that may be affected by the storm, including areas of New Bedford, Worcester, and Burlington.

The New York area has also seen some of the worst storm damage and flooding in recent memory, as tornadoes and thunderstorm warnings have been issued in parts.

There have been several tornadoes across New England.

There were also a number that damaged homes, power lines, and equipment.

New Hampshire has also had a few tornadoes.

The storm system has also brought damaging winds to the region and heavy rain.

The rain is also expected to continue into the weekend.