Why the Shilo village in Indonesia’s Osrs was once an army base

The Shilo is an important and ancient town, famous for its many ancient stone houses.

But it was once a military base, and now it is under threat from a Taliban attack.

Shilo, in the south of Sumatra province, has been a target of Taliban attacks before, and the militants have used this location as a base for operations against civilians.

Now, in a major development, the Taliban have also claimed responsibility for the attack, and say that the attack was the work of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Shilo was once part of the northern province of Sumatran, which is now under ISIL control.

However, its old fortifications are being demolished, and new ones are being built.

The military has been trying to protect the town, and has been putting up security checkpoints along the road that leads to the old fort.

However the Taliban attacked on Tuesday, leaving the base in ruins, and forcing the military to close it down for the rest of the day.

The Taliban claimed responsibility on Twitter, claiming that the village was attacked by a military force from “the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIS),” which is fighting for the ISIL group in Iraq.

The military said the Taliban fighters killed two policemen and captured four civilians, including one woman, before taking control of the town.

“The Taliban fighters took control of Shilo and destroyed all the military facilities of the old army camp and its roads,” said Lt.

Col. Ruzvan Ulu, a spokesperson for the military.

According to local residents, the military is now planning to use the site as a training area, and to build a new military base to accommodate more troops.

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