What is New Horizon?

New Horizon is a small village built on an island off the coast of New Zealand.

The village is a little over half an hour from the nearest city.

I’m in New Zealand for a few days and have a few friends, so we are looking forward to getting to New Horizon in a couple of days.

The main attraction for me is the village.

We are all familiar with Minecraft, but this is a different kind of game, so I was keen to get a better feel for the new Minecraft game, as well as explore some of the old-school Minecraft features that make up the village experience.

I arrived at the village around 11:30am, so by 11:15am it was already a little late.

The game is very much in its infancy.

It was built for the Nintendo Switch, so players will have to play through the game in a handheld.

However, we managed to play it on the console we had lying around.

I can’t wait to see how the game evolves in the future.

There are a few small changes in the game, but everything else is largely the same.

New Horizon uses the standard Minecraft game interface.

You can build, mine, and gather materials, but you can’t craft.

Instead, you can just gather them.

While there is a lot of detail to the Minecraft interface, there is no way to edit the blocks in Minecraft.

If you want to tweak the game a bit, you need to go to the Settings menu.

On the Settings screen, you will see the options to configure the game and make changes.

You will also find a “Game Options” button.

Clicking that will allow you to choose whether you want a full Minecraft experience, which will allow for more customization.

You can set your own difficulty level and see a log of your stats.

At the bottom of the Settings panel is the Game Mode, which allows you to set your maximum level and time limit.

Another thing you can do is change your name, which is what New Horizon’s name is.

Finally, you are able to see the location of your village, the height of the mountains you are standing on, the number of villagers, and so on.

New Horizon was designed for the Switch, but it is compatible with the Wii U version of the game.

What you will need to bring: Nintendo Switch

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