Which are the top 10 cities in the world to visit?

In the last decade, some of the world’s most visited cities have experienced population growth.

While some cities have continued to grow rapidly, others have plateaued, including New York and Tokyo.

Here are the 10 most popular cities to visit in 2020, based on the most recent census data.

Top 10 cities to see in 2020: 1.

Tokyo (Japan) Population: 13,500,000 (20.8% increase in the last 15 years) 2.

New York (US) Population (2016) 3.

Amsterdam (Netherlands) Population 4.

Hong Kong (HK) Population 5.

Hong Kowloon (HK-China) Population 6.

Stockholm (Sweden) Population 7.

Munich (Germany) Population 8.

Beijing (China) 4.

Madrid (Spain) Population 9.

Jakarta (Indonesia) 5.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 6.

Manila (Philippines) 7.

Tokyo(Japan) 8.

Seoul(South Korea) 9.

Madrid(Spain) 10.

Barcelona(Spain)- Barcelona, Spain, capital of Spain