Thousands of villagers flee in desperate bid to save hidden mist village

Thousands of people have fled their homes in a village in southern Hunan province, as officials fear the death toll is soaring and authorities are unable to protect the villages people.

The Hunan government is reporting that more than 10,000 people have sought refuge at nearby hidden mist villages, including a village that was the site of a deadly chemical attack in 2013.

The villagers are desperate to leave the area to escape the chemical attack, but they have been unable to do so.

The government is now planning to evacuate people who are trapped in the area.

Hunan province is known for its toxic chemicals and has been the scene of at least 14 deaths, according to the government.

The government is currently struggling to contain the chemical attacks, which were blamed on a banned North Korean weapons programme.

It was not immediately clear how many of the villagers had fled.

According to the People’s Daily, one man said: “I’ve fled Hunan for the past six months.

My family is being killed by North Korean agents and my wife and children are suffering.

It’s like a nightmare.”

The area has been plagued by chemical attacks over the past decade, according the state-run Chinese newspaper Global Times.