When you can’t beat the crowds, it’s best to get in the car and drive away

A man from a small town in southern India is making a big deal out of a phenomenon that has made his home town look like a ghost town.

He’s calling it the Laguna Woods Village Inn, a place where people come to go for dinner and get a drink and a good time.

It’s a big thing, he says, because he’s the only one.

It would be so much more fun if it wasn’t for the noise and the cars.

The people who make up Laguna are not only the locals, they’re also foreigners and, he thinks, they don’t understand what a village inn is.

He is a regular visitor, a regular customer of the Lagunas Village Inn.

But he can’t be the only person who thinks Laguna is a ghost.

“I’ve been here for over 50 years,” he says.

“When I first started coming, they didn’t have a single guest.

Now, they have a hundred people here.”

But he doesn’t like that the hotel is closed, and he can get in no later than 11pm on Fridays.

He can stay in the same room with his family, but he can also use his room to stay out of the hotel.

“The hotel doesn’t want us to stay in here, so they put up signs that say we can’t stay here,” he said.

But when I asked him if he had any idea what Laguna was like when it was a ghostly village, he said, “Oh, I’m not sure, but I can’t say I have.”

The people at the Laguno Woods Village are not the only ones who think Laguna should be a ghost village.

In fact, it is, in fact, a ghost place.

In 2013, a woman living in the village died, and a few months later, a man who was visiting his relatives, also living in Laguna, died.

The man’s relatives believe the deaths are connected.

The Laguna Village Inn has an official story to explain why.

It says that people in Lagunatas, a village in the state of Tamil Nadu, are the most active in their community, and so they want to see their ancestors and know their village.

And the people there are more active than anywhere else in the country.

They don’t like to go anywhere, and they don

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