A farmer’s Christmas miracle is coming to life

A farmer in Slovakia has become the toast of the village market after his Christmas tree was transformed into a giant tractor.

It took a crew of six months to create the giant tree in the village of Koziar.

The tree was made from the remains of a tractor that was sold at the local market.

A local newspaper reported that the tree will be hung in the local town hall, where the townspeople can watch it grow.

The local farmer, Andrei, said he was very happy about the creation of the tree.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that the farmer will be the one who gives us presents for Christmas,” Andrei said.

Andrei said the tractor was originally designed to produce hay and wheat, but the owner was forced to sell it in the last days of the year.

Andre, who lives in a small village of around 800 people, said it was difficult for him to find work when the weather was bad.

“I was always very hungry and I would have to sleep in the field,” he said.

He said he bought the tractor from a local shop because he needed a large piece of wood to make a small house for his son, who is three.

Andre said the tree was built with an open-source design and he could easily adapt it to his needs.

“We don’t need to make it the same as a conventional tractor,” he explained.

“Instead, I decided to make the tractor into something that’s not just a tractor, but a tree.”

The local town is planning to give the tree to a special Christmas gift for a young couple, who had recently moved to the village.

“The idea is that the two people, who have just moved to Kozilar, will get the tree as a gift and the couple will use it as their living room,” Andre said.