Why is Westlake Village closed?

A small town in Victoria’s south-west is closed to the public after a goat herd was found dead on the streets.

The animals were killed after crossing a busy street, according to local residents and witnesses.

Westlake villagers have been devastated by the loss of a community that has been around for decades.

More than 2,000 goats roam the town’s streets and a herd of goats has been roaming the streets since 2002.

“They were out there, and they were all on the same side of the road.

When we first came to the area, they were not supposed to be on the road,” Westlake resident Sarah Anderson said.

When the goats crossed the road the animals were unable to get to their burrows and they died, Ms Anderson said she could not believe what had happened.

Westlake’s local councillor, Geoff Wilson, said the town was now in lockdown and that it was not safe for visitors.

He said the community would be asked to leave the area if the animals died.

The town has now closed all roads leading into the town, except for the main road to the airport and the main street.

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