How Christmas Village, the UK’s biggest Christmas Market, is growing with a big twist

An industrial village in the UK is set to transform itself into a festive village with a huge LED Christmas tree.

The village of Yyankee, in Wiltshire, will be the biggest Christmas market in the country with thousands of stalls selling goods such as food, drink and jewellery.

The Yyankees Christmas market, which is due to open in December, is a blend of traditional Christmas celebrations and new festive celebrations.

The market has become a popular venue for local businesses and events, and there are plans to grow it to a large space by 2020.

The Village of Yiankee, pictured in this handout image taken from Facebook, is the UKs largest Christmas market.

It will be open from December 25 to February 4.

Yyankees Christmas Market will be one of the largest Christmas markets in the world with thousands going for a holiday in the village.

The market is set for a major expansion and a huge growth is expected in the area.

Yyankee Village, pictured, is set up in the middle of a village.

It is home to hundreds of shops, with over 60,000 square feet of stalls.

Yiankees Christmas market is due for an expansion and expansion is expected to take place in the coming years.

Source: FacebookYyankees Village is set in the centre of Yiannow.

It has over 600 stalls selling all kinds of goods including traditional Christmas items, holiday decorations, craft supplies, toys and gifts.

The markets main focus is on the traditional Christmas tradition of “Yiankee” – Yyankes meaning “Christmas” in Yyanka – but the village is also known for its Christmas Market Festival.

Yiankees Festival is held on Christmas Eve each year and has become one of Yamanee’s favourite holidays.

The festival features more than 50 stalls selling traditional Christmas and holiday gifts from the traditional family trees to traditional Christmas lights and decorations.

Yamanee is a town of about 50,000 people and is home only to the village of about 10,000.

Its population of about 30,000 is mostly farmers, who depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Yoganews Christmas Market is the only festival in the Yyankys.

Its main focus, Yyankie Christmas Festival, is expected for a big expansion this year and will bring thousands of visitors to the Yoganews village.

It has already attracted hundreds of thousands of people to Yyanks market.

Yyoganews is the largest annual festival in Yamanoo.

It draws hundreds of tens of thousands from around the country to the town each year.

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