Which companies are building the next-generation autonomous cars?

When the hype is at its height, it can be hard to distinguish a truly revolutionary company from the crowd.

However, that hasn’t stopped some from believing that the next wave of self-driving car technology is about to happen. 

The hype is high.

The technology is in its infancy.

The companies are focused on building their own vehicles.

And the biggest question is, will this new technology ever come to market?

The future of autonomous vehicles in the next few years.

Image credit: DARPAA new wave of companies are looking to bring self-drive technology to the masses.

For a lot of companies, the next step is to build their own autonomous cars, which will allow them to drive for long distances at speeds up to 200 mph.

Some have already made the leap from prototyping self-balancing vehicles to fully autonomous cars.

Others have gone beyond testing their cars to building their vehicles for actual commercial use.

And some are even starting to build cars that are capable of traveling on public streets.

The latest example is Mountain View, California-based Google.

The Mountain View company is building a self-propelled ambulance that is capable of driving up to 100 mph.

Its CEO, Larry Page, has made it clear that he is not worried about the hype surrounding the technology.

“The next wave will be a lot different than the first wave,” Page told reporters last week.

“We have to figure out how to build the next generation of autonomous cars.”

In the meantime, other companies are taking a more pragmatic approach to self-steering.

Google’s self-powered car, a prototype that was built by its self-developed Mountain View garage, can run for up to three hours on a charge, according to the company.

It’s similar to Tesla’s Model S. And while the prototype has been a bit of a hit with its public-relations team, it’s far from a final product.

In April, Google unveiled its own version of a fully autonomous ambulance.

It is built to go up to 50 mph and is powered by a combination of electric motors and an onboard GPS unit.

The prototype is still in testing, but it’s been tested at high speeds and with no human driver.

Google has already shown that its vehicle can travel for up 20 miles on a single charge, and that it can go from zero to 60 mph in less than three minutes.

But the company has yet to deliver on promises that it will be able to deliver a fully self-driven ambulance to market.

The company has also shown a prototype of its self propelled ambulance that can run up to 30 mph, and it has already announced that it plans to launch its fully autonomous prototype within the next year.

If the hype keeps up, we may see a wave of new self-policing cars come to the market in the near future.

But that could also mean the next revolution in the self-flying car industry may never come. Read more:

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