How to make your own colonial village bank

It’s hard to believe that the first Lego ewoks were made in a village called Dandakaranya in the late 1950s, and yet that’s exactly what they look like today.

But there’s an entire branch of the local bank, and this is where you can make your very own bank of Lego ews.

This is a video by the team at, and you can see it here if you want to get the idea.

The bank is the very first of its kind in the world, so we were able to recreate the look of a real bank in a miniature.

Here’s how you make your little bank:1.

Cut the wood2.

Cut a piece of plywood and glue it to the top of the bank.3.

Paint a pattern on the plywood4.

Take a picture of the ply wood5.

Then cut the top corner off a piece from the top, making sure it is flat and round6.

Use a pair of scissors to cut a piece out of the wood, then glue it in place7.

Attach the glue to the ply piece8.

Put a piece on the top and use glue to attach it to it9.

Repeat for the other pieces of the board.

Here’s what the bank looks like in real life:The Lego team even took the time to explain how to make a mini-bank, as the video shows:We are all aware that these things can be very complicated to make, but the team of Lego fans at Lego created a way to make it easy for you to recreate that look.

In this tutorial, you will be able to take a little piece of wood, glue it onto a piece that has a similar pattern, and then take a picture to make the bank look like a real one.