The Fallout 4 DLC is here! This one’s pretty special

We’re finally getting the Fallout 4: Fallout 4DLC, and it’s worth checking out.

If you’ve been waiting for the time-limited DLC that was rumored in early November, now’s your chance to get it.

The DLC, dubbed The Fallout 5DLC in the game’s official trailer, is coming in the form of four new outfits.

It’s not exactly the best of time-lapse, but it’s not too far off either.

Each outfit comes with three unique outfits for your character, with each outfit giving you access to three different perks.

The most interesting of these is the Vault Hunter outfit, which allows you to “hunt down the most dangerous of creatures and collect their loot,” which is what you do after completing the game.

In order to do this, you’ll need to pick up four unique guns and a unique grenade launcher from the Vault in order to “get your hands dirty.”

That’s not all, however, because there’s also a new “dungeon” mission, where you’ll have to collect an item that you’ll be required to use to enter a Vault and fight the Overseer.

If that’s not enough, the DLC also introduces a new weapon, a “Dirty Bastard” pistol that will allow you to shoot off your own head, and another unique perk that gives you access and can be used to “shoot your way through anything.”

It’s a pretty unique set of perks, and they’re available in the Fallout 5 DLC right now, but you can pick up all four in the store right now.

We can’t wait to see what Fallout 5: The Fallout DLC packs up to in the coming months.

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