This little town in Oregon has a really awesome theme park that’s about to open its doors


— This little Oregon town has a theme park about to become a tourist attraction.

It’s called Bellingham.

And for the next couple of months, it will be open to the public.

And for the first time ever, the town is letting visitors take pictures and video at its outdoor mall.

The village is the first in Oregon to put a theme-park theme park on the same property as a resort.

The village’s owner, Joe Bellingham, told local news station KATU the idea was to allow people to see the theme park, get their pictures taken and have a bit of fun.

“I just want to do this for my kids,” Bellingham said.

“I want to be a good role model for them.”

Bellingham said the resort will open for the public starting on July 6 and that there will be a few hours of free public tours.

The resort will also have a water park.

But Bellingham says he’s not worried about the crowds.

“I want the town to have a wonderful experience and I don’t want to make the people nervous,” Bellham said.

He also said he’s working with the city on how to open the resort and let the public enjoy it.

“The resort will be located at Belden Village Mall in Bellingham about a mile and a half outside of town.

The mall was first opened in 2012, and the village plans to add an indoor attraction for families, as well as an outdoor theme park.”

It’s about time that Bellingham has his chance,” said Bellingham’s wife, Linda.

Linda said her husband is happy to see people enjoying the park.”

It’s really good for people who like to explore and just want some of the fun,” Linda said.

She also hopes visitors will be able to bring their own cameras and video recorders.

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