How to get a ride in the sun

Aspen, Colorado, is home to the most beautiful and diverse landscapes on the planet.

Located on the Rocky Mountains, Aspen is a vast landscape, covered in trees, that spans the state and is home both to the snowshoeing and skiing community.

The resort town has a rich history and has become a popular place for families to vacation.

The locals and visitors have a lot to talk about, but this week the townspeople got their first taste of the sun, when they were invited to a special ceremony to honor the town’s namesake, Aspens founder, John Aspen.

In honor of his birthday, Aspar’s official celebration of his life, Aspas has invited guests to wear sun visors, or sun hats, to enjoy the sun.

According to Aspen’s website, the town is known for its skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and picnicking.

Aspen resident, Matt Aspen says, “It’s really cool to see it on people’s faces when they’re doing it.”

Aspen has one of the highest sun-pollution rates in the country, with over 30,000 people per square mile breathing in pollution in 2017.

In order to protect the environment, aspen residents were invited into a meeting with the Aspen Community Board on Thursday, and on Saturday, Aspartans board adopted a resolution to increase the amount of sun-blocking materials in the town, as well as make the town a designated sun-protecting location.

“Aspen has been a pioneer in sun protection for decades and we know that protecting the environment is important to the residents, as we have a really strong sense of self-determination and self-sufficiency,” said Aspen mayor, John Regan.

Aspies sun hats have been a symbol of the town since 1882.

In the 1920s, Aspiens first ski resort was built and Aspen became a ski destination.

In 1958, Aspeas first ski hill was built, and the town was named the ski capital of the world.

Today, Aspinas population is approximately 7,000.

The town was founded in 1862 by John Aspenson, who founded the first ski lodge in the area, the Skunk Hill.

“We’ve been a ski town since the early 1800s,” said Regan, “and this is just one more example of the great community spirit that we have here at Aspen.”

Aspans population has doubled every year since 1884.

The village is now home to over 10,000 residents, and is one of Colorado’s largest cities.

The sun-wearing event was sponsored by Aspen Mountain Club, which has grown to become one of Aspens largest charitable organizations.

“The sun hats are really a statement about the importance of the community and the importance for the town,” said Board of Trustees member, Mary Cramer.

“It really speaks to the town and its people that we’re taking an opportunity to honor their accomplishments in a way that really reflects their importance to the community.”

According to the board, the sun-masked participants are not required to wear the hats themselves, but will wear them as a symbol for the community.

“They’re kind of a way of giving back to the people of Aspence and saying, ‘Hey, look, this is a big community.

We’re all part of the same family,'” said Reagan.

“These hats are kind of the next step in that process.”

The ski hill and sun hats were inspired by a conversation that happened at the board meeting, when board member, Cramer, asked whether the ski hill could be considered a ski resort.

“This is a community-based ski hill,” said Cramer as she recalled the conversation.

“And I’m just really interested to know what other people think about that.”

Regan was asked what the ski hills biggest challenge is, and he replied, “The challenge is that we don’t have a great community.

It’s really hard to find the people who know each other and love each other.

And there’s a lot of competition from other communities, so it’s really difficult to find your home in the mountains.”

The Aspen sun hats became a tradition at the annual Aspen ski hill walk on Monday, and have been featured in a number of local publications.

According To The Denver Post, the board of trustees recently decided to allow people to wear Aspen hats during the Aspons annual summer celebration, but the community is currently holding off on approving that decision.

According the Aspean newspaper, the Asperans sun-shading program is a great way to honor John Aspinan and to help support the community in the face of the rising environmental concerns.

“Every year, the community has a great event where they put on the sun hats and we wear them and they get to say, ‘This is the sun,'” said Aspins wife, Julie, “And