‘Punished for a good cause’: Villagers say the police did nothing after attack on their homes

In an interview with Football Italian, the owners of two village apartments in the central town of Vigano said they had been “punished” for having “the wrong idea”.

The owners of the villager apartments in Viganu have lodged a police report after a mob attacked their apartment, killing one person and injuring another.

They also said that they were “punishing” the police for not arresting the attackers.

“We have been accused of having the wrong idea and for having taken the wrong way, as the attack on our apartment was carried out by two people, who had committed no crimes,” Roberto and Maria Tullio wrote on their Facebook page.

“I am not sure if we will be able to sue the police, who do not even seem to be aware that there are such cases in Italy,” they added.

The Tullios and their neighbors were attacked by a mob of up to 100 people on Saturday evening, when police arrived on the scene to disperse the mob.

The villager owners said that the police arrived at the scene after hearing the attack had started, and that they had asked the police to come to the apartment, which is located in the city’s “village town” area.

“They came to our apartment.

They did not want to come with a police vehicle because the mob had broken through the front doors and smashed windows, the owner said.”

We were not scared, because we were in the back yard and in the middle of the street. “

We did not hear what happened after that, but they came at us from the side of the apartment building.”

“We were not scared, because we were in the back yard and in the middle of the street.

We did not see anything, because the people did not follow us,” the owner added.”

At that moment, a car was passing us in the street, and the police car came to us and came out from behind it.

The police did not even give us a name.

The car came at them again, and we heard them shouting at us.

They were shouting at the people behind us, and they stopped the car.

They had their hands up, and there were three of them.””

They did not stop, but turned and started to drive away.

They stopped again at a gas station and a shopping center and a hospital, and drove away again,” they wrote.

The police told local media that they could not confirm that the mob was responsible for the attack.

The couple have appealed for the public’s help in finding out who was responsible, and for those responsible to be punished.

“Everyone has the right to be respected and protected,” the owners said.