How to make a new-found sense of village pride with the little village

This week, our friends at were thrilled to share with you a story from Little Village, Virginia, the hometown of the NFL’s Washington Redskins, which has a very special place in our hearts.

The story begins with the Redskins’ most recent playoff appearance.

It was January 11, 2018, and Washington trailed the Atlanta Falcons 13-7 at the Georgia Dome.

The game was tied at 14 with one minute left, but the Redskins rallied to beat the Falcons 23-14.

The game was the last for the Redskins, and the next day, on January 18, the team boarded its bus and left for Seattle, where they were to play the Seattle Seahawks on January 19.

It’s safe to say the Redskins were proud of their historic win in front of their hometown.

And as a result, they decided to celebrate with a small ceremony, a little village celebration.

A local resident, Josh Haines, made the decision to decorate the stadium with a colorful display of local and national symbols of the area.

The celebration went well, with many of the locals, many of whom were fans of the team, taking part in the festivities.

The event went viral and the story of Little Village became a viral sensation.

On social media, many people shared the story, and soon, the hashtag #littlevillage had been trending in Washington, D.C.

The next day on January 20, the Redskins played their second playoff game against the New York Giants.

In the end, the 49ers prevailed 23-17, and a few months later, Washington would play the Atlanta Braves in a game that was a rematch of the Little Village game.

The Redskins won their first playoff game in almost two years in 2017.

In 2018, the organization had to play one more game and lost, but it still earned a spot in the postseason.

After the season, the stadium was transformed into Little Village Stadium.

The team decided to renovate the seating area in the stadium to make it more comfortable for fans to enjoy a game of football.

As a result of that renovation, the area became Little Village Park.

Afterward, a small celebration was held for fans of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate the victory of the season.

The team decided that Little Village would become Little Village High School.

Little Village is the largest community of Native Americans in the United States.

Many Native American communities were founded as towns in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Little Village was founded by a group of African Americans in 1819, and since then, Little Village has grown into one of the nation’s largest Native American villages.

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