How to cook with Indian meat, fish, and veggies

By Emma Lee BBC Food EditorIndia’s most famous cuisine, Indian cooking, has always been rooted in traditional cooking methods, including dosa and rice, and has also been influenced by the cuisine of the region.

It’s a dish that has spread across India and has been dubbed the ‘village meat’ by some.

A simple dosa, or wadai, with a little tomato sauce, can be prepared with any type of meat, such as beef, lamb, pork or chicken.

For a vegetarian or vegan meal, you can also opt for rice, lentils or chickpeas, with peas, carrots and onions being optional.

The recipe below has a few tips to help you make it.

The traditional recipe uses three ingredients: tomato sauce (called jal), dosa or wada, and vegetable stock.

Tomato sauce is made by boiling tomato paste in a water bath.

Tomato paste contains many nutrients, including vitamin C, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.

The juice of the tomato and the juice of onion is also good for your heart.

Dosa is made with dried dal, a type of dried herb.

A portion of dried dals is called dosa dal.

You can buy dried dall and dal from local markets.

You may also buy dried pakoras from your local markets for around $5-10 a piece.

Tomato and onion sauce: 1kg dal