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In a village in the foothills of the Himalayas, residents of a one-room apartment building can live there without worrying about running water, electricity or air conditioning.

This apartment complex is one of several in Nepal’s vast Himalayan country, and the majority of them are built on vacant land.

Each of the 1,600 units in the complex has been turned into apartments, and many residents say the new accommodation provides them with some respite from the everyday grind.

The building is a single-storey structure, with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

One of the apartments is made up of one-bedroom units, while the other has two apartments, each with its own bathroom and living room.

The new apartments have been fitted with a kitchenette, but no fridge or stove, and no air conditioning either.

When I arrived at the apartment complex in the village of Karimabad in the western Himalayes, I found the apartment in the kitchenette not yet occupied.

Instead, the space was reserved for a guest room.

I sat on a sofa with my legs spread and my head resting on the couch’s armrest.

Inside, I saw a group of students playing with toys and other small furniture.

They were mostly in their late teens or early 20s, and had been living in the unit for the past month or so.

At the end of the day, they had been here for about two months.

My wife and I are not used to living in a single apartment, so it was a bit awkward for us.

But the living situation was good.

The room we stayed in was spacious, and I noticed that the food was cooked in one of the kitchens.

It was really good.

The food was fresh and there was lots of water running through the kitchen.

I found it very convenient.

The first thing I noticed was the fact that the place was quiet.

It’s not the loudest part of the apartment, but the fact is that we can sleep in the quietest part. 

There are three people living in each apartment.

They’re not sharing the same room, but they share the same space.

The kitchen was very clean.

We found all of the appliances clean.

I also found a very good quality mattress in the bedroom.

It was comfortable to sleep on.

The rooms are small, but it was very quiet.

I was also happy that the electricity and water were running and the electricity was on.

The apartment also has a shower, which was really nice.

The residents say they are glad that they have been able to stay in the building, because the residents are happy with the new living arrangements.

This is a building with a single floor.

It means that there is one person per unit.

It is a very small space.

I am not really happy with my living situation, but I can be happy.

I am happy to live in the apartments.

The people living here say that they are not in any hurry to leave.

They don’t think they will ever leave, because they feel they have a long-term future here.

I feel I have a future here, and if the building comes to an end, I will go to work in Nepal.

I want to work here.