How to save an old house from falling into a river

By Lyle Houghton, Staff ReporterThe city of Kew, south-west Queensland, has been hit by an avalanche this weekend and is desperately trying to save some of its buildings.

Key points:Village cinemas in the village of Kinkoura were all closed for the weekend after a major avalanche hit the villageVillage director Mark Macnair said they were not able to access the surrounding countrysideThe village’s director Mark McMullan said he could not access the neighbouring countrysideThe head of the National Park Service said they had contacted local authorities about the danger of the river coming inThe National Parks and Wildlife Service has warned residents to stay away from the river and said they would be investigating the possibility of the town falling into the river.

Key Points:The village of Kerangi has been closed for a week after a massive avalanche hit a village in the Kinkunra area of Kincardine State ParkThe village was evacuated and roads in the area were closed for days, with no access to the surrounding country.

The village director, Mark McMallan, said he had been able to visit the surrounding area of the state park where the avalanche hit, but he could only access the village and surrounding areas from his house in Kerangid.

“The village is just not connected to the area around the road,” he said.

“They were completely blocked off from the road and there was no access from the village.”

We could go in there and try and get people out, but we were just stuck there.

“I can’t even go out to the town, I can’t go in and get food out because there’s no access.”

Villagers say the area is very remote and there is no access on foot or by motorbikeThere was no word from the park service about when the village would be reopened, but Mr McMallin said he was hopeful the village could be reopened within two weeks.

“It’s been a very, very long time since the last avalanche,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“You know, the last one happened a couple of years ago, and then I remember thinking it was pretty scary to go down there, but the road is completely closed and the road has been blocked off.”

People are just getting on with their lives and the whole community is just trying to get on with its lives, and the village itself has been left to the mercy of the storm.

“He said the villagers would be moving to a new house next week, but they were still worried about the road.”

There’s no way to get there on foot, because the roads are blocked off and the roads have been blocked down,” he explained.”

But we’re hopeful we can get it back to normal soon.

“So, it’s going to be a big test, but there’s hope for the future.”‘

It’s all going to work out’The town was evacuated on Monday morning and all roads had been closed.

The area around Kerangie, where the town is located, is about 40 kilometres west of Kinyon.

Mr McMalli said he did not know how long the village was closed, but that it was likely to be open for at least a week.

“That’s the biggest thing right now,” he added.

“If the roads aren’t open and the people aren’t out, then the town’s going out.”

Because the road hasn’t been opened, the road won’t be open, and there’s nowhere to go.

“Once the roads open up, we’ll get it open, but it’s all very, really difficult.”

And I think that’s the big worry.

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