What would you like to see in Minecraft?

Posted December 06, 2018 12:24:10We don’t have a Minecraft Village Tavern menu.

However, the developer is looking to expand the menu.

The menu currently consists of four main options:The Village Tavern has been renamed to “Munchy’s Tavern”The Town Hall has been converted into a MarketplaceThe Farmer’s Market has been moved to a MarketplaceA new “Food” menu has been addedThe Farmer is now an NPC with some custom contentThe “Village” menu now has three recipes.

The “Farmers” menu is now the “Food and Goods” menuThe “Market” menu will now have four recipes.

The Farm will now also sell food, and the Farmer will sell the produce.

You can only buy from the “Market”, but you can also buy items from other Merchants, and also sell items from your inventory.

There is currently no “Craft” menu option.

There will be one soon, but it will be different.

A new mod called Minecraft Medieval Village has been released.

The mod adds a village tavern to Minecraft.

The village tavern can sell food and crafting supplies.

It will be possible to purchase and sell items, as well as craft.

The mod can also be installed via the Minecraft Launcher.