Village Inn Zombie Villager: ‘They’ve Done Something Unprecedented’

A village inn in Kentucky has been the scene of a gruesome outbreak of zombie villagers in what officials have described as a “wanton, deliberate attack.”

NBC News reported that a zombie villagewoman had been taking her family out to dinner at the village’s Inn in Ashland, Kentucky.

The couple’s family members, who had all been vaccinated, were found dead in the restaurant.

The inn is owned by a small family owned business and was inspected by health officials.

The owners were not cited and have since closed down, but officials said they have not ruled out the possibility that the outbreak may have been the work of a rogue employee.

The report said that “a large number of people” are believed to have been infected with the virus and that the inn was the “primary focus” of the outbreak.

The Department of Health has issued the following warning: “People who have not been vaccinated for the MERS-CoV-2 coronavirus or are not fully vaccinated against MERS should not go to a Village Inn Inn, or any other location, if they are not sure they have received all of the recommended vaccines.

They should seek medical attention immediately and contact local health officials for help.”

The Department also urged the public to “avoid the area immediately around the Village Inn and call local authorities immediately if they have any questions.”

The department said it is working with local and federal authorities to investigate the outbreak and to “support those who have been impacted.”