Village of Hyde Park village to open as tourism hub

SAN TAN, Republic of Korea — Villagers of Hydes Park village in South Korea’s Hyde park are planning to open a tourist centre as a result of their growing tourism business.

A local government committee has proposed to develop Hyde Village as a tourist hub, with the village’s mayor Kim Young-ho stating that Hyde is the first village in Korea to be set up as a destination destination.

“The main purpose of Hydens village is to make Hyde a tourist destination,” said Kim.

The village, about 300km (186 miles) southwest of Seoul, is located in the southeastern region of the island of Jeju.

It is located on a peninsula known as Jeju Island, a major tourist destination in South East Asia.

Hyde Village, located at a site called Jeju island, will be the first tourist destination to be established in the village of Hydon Park.

According to the mayor, the village will have a hotel, a restaurant, shops and a shopping mall.

Residents of Hydel Park will be able to stay overnight at the village site, which is also being developed as a hotel.

Park residents will also have the option to visit the village, where they will be provided with access to its recreational facilities, including the village park, a golf course and a horse farm.