How to build a village in 10 days

How to create a village from scratch?

A small community in the wild can be a daunting prospect for some.

But you can take steps to make it easier and faster.1.

Get a house on a plot of land.

Most people build their houses from scratch, which is expensive, time-consuming, and often times illegal.

This is a mistake.

It requires more time and money to get started than building from scratch.2.

Find a property.

It may take a while, but you can usually find a property with a lot of open space.

Find one with a garden, a creek, or a hillside.3.

Build a shed.

This can take a few days, but it can be done.

If you have the money, it can even be done in a day.4.

Make a sign.

This may take several days, and it may take some time to finish.

But it will give your community a sense of identity.5.

Get supplies.

This will take time and effort, but with the right supplies, you can create a community in a few weeks.6.

Build your home.

This might take several years, but there are plenty of options available.

If the house is big enough, you could have a large kitchen, or you can put a garden on the top.

If it’s smaller, you might be able to use a basement to make the kitchen or a crawl space.7.

Make your own tools.

This should be simple, and can be completed in a week or two.

You will need to find the right materials, but once you do, you will have a beautiful house.8.

Buy a fence.

This takes time, but if you have enough money to buy a fence, you won’t have to pay for a lot more.

You can start with a wooden fence, but a wood fence can be bought online for less.9.

Put up a roof.

This process can take several weeks, and will require many, many hours to complete.

If your family does not live in the community, you may want to consider buying a shed for the community.10.

Build an irrigation system.

This requires a lot less work, and you will probably not have to do much of anything.11.

Build the foundation.

This could take several months, and is much more labor-intensive.

If this is the first time you have ever built a home, you should definitely make the time to learn the process.12.

Build plumbing and electricity.

You should have an electricity grid in place, so you should know where your water is.

If there are no power lines in your community, this can take weeks, so get help from someone.13.

Make sure you have access to the water.

If not, you’ll have to build your own.14.

Buy your own food.

This would be difficult, but the food you buy will give you a sense that your community is special.15.

Get your water.

This isn’t a time-intensive process, but having access to water is important for your family.16.

Build tools.

If they’re expensive, you probably will have to make some cuts, but they will add to the community’s identity.17.

Get wood.

This project can take some months, but this is a great time to get wood.18.

Make crafts.

You could make a small treehouse for a small community, or even make a wooden house for a large community.19.

Get water.

You may need to pay a lot for water, but buying water is a simple process that can be finished in a matter of days.20.

Get the money.

This step will require you to find money for everything, so if you can’t afford it, you have a few options.21.

Find your community.

If a lot is still unknown, you want to be able for your community to be a part of it.2nd-level communities can take up to a year to be completed.3rd-level villages take up a year or more.4th-level village take up much less time.5th- level village take a week to build.

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